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Dir. Francesc Relea / 2016

Out of Darkness is a documentary film and television series mapping out the soul of four cities whose names conjure up the idea of destruction and pain from the decade of the 90s. Today, these same cities are examples of how a city can be reborn from the ashes, and of the reconstruction of a new society.

Kigali, Sarajevo, Beirut and Medellín show currently the transformation in the structures, the urban planning, the public transportation…but that is only a reflection of its spirit. Cities are made of streets, squares and neighbourhoods but also they are made of people. And many of these people are examples of fight, dialogue, reconciliation and optimism.

To draw the map of these four cities is like drawing an instruction handbook against adversity. All those four cities have suffered conflicts that caused thousands of displaced. We want to show initiatives that contribute to build a new social harmony. Our guides are responsible s for showing us the lights and shadows around change.

We travel with our characters to learn about their universe. It is not a random choice. We have loked for storuies tied to each city, each country that reflect the willingness to build a future and turn the page to a dark past not so far away.